The best measure of our impact are the success stories from our residents.


Youth Development

Justin photo.JPG
My summer employment experience with ECN was one of the best work experiences I’ve ever had. I always wanted to work with youth, helping them in any way possible to succeed and grow to be the best of their generation. The fact that ECN gave me that chance was amazing. The experience I gained working at YOE Summer Camp helped me be even more prepared for the job I have today working for Americorps VISTA. At the summer camp I learned new ways to approach situations involving youth, I also learned how to interact with them better so that they feel welcomed and comfortable enough to talk to me.
— Justin Moore-Gilbert, YOE Summer Employment Participant
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My experience as a worker last summer was very pleasing. Not only were the workers cooperative, but the supervisors were as well. The job was interesting and fun but still felt like a job. But the greatest aspect of the job was the check - I was more than satisfied with my pay. Overall it was a great summer job experience and I look forward to doing it again.
— Stephon Hornton, YOE Summer Employment Participant

Green Growth

My neighbors and I installed a raingarden on lots we own on Manistique street. It’s taking water from the adjacent neighbor’s roof as well as from the street. There’s been a reduction in flooding in the streets as well as in the neighbor’s home. Everyone should take this class to understand why we need green infrastructure.
— Deborah White, Jefferson-Chalmers Resident & Mini-Grant Awardee

Chandler Park Healthy Neighborhood Initiative (CPHNI)

Loretta Powell flexing.JPG
I am proud to say I benefitted a lot from the CPHNI program. With the group, I walked three days a week; biked once a week; and did yoga in Chandler Park from April through the end of December 2017. I lost 39 pounds and my blood pressure, blood sugar, BMI and cholesterol all improved. I came to feel good about myself for the first time in a long time. Now I look more like my twin sister! I even got a nice note from my doctor applauding me for the improvements!
— Loretta Powell, CPHNI Participant

Bring Your Own Device Workshops

Once I saw the flyer, I knew I had to take advantage of this opportunity - plus it was free. My kids don’t have the patience to teach me, they show me once and if I don’t get it they’re done. You all are so patient with me! I need to go over things several times before I catch on - that’s why I come every month, to keep learning and relearning. I know that sooner or later this will be the way people get all their information and I don’t want to be left behind.
— Dorothy Wafer, BYOD Participant & Ravendale Resident