Eastside Technology Hub


Funded by The Knight Foundation

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The Eastside Technology Hub was formed to increase digital access for people living on the Lower Eastside of Detroit. The hub provides residents with the knowledge and resources needed to use technology to connect with their community and develop solutions to community issues. The hub makes technology accessible through our community laptop library and various workshops.

Bring your own device

In our increasingly digital world, decentralizing access to technology and technological skills are an essential part of sustainable development. Bring Your Own Device is a free technology training program that gives residents one-on-one, hands-on technology assistance to maximize effectiveness with their devices. Our goal is to ensure residents are better equipped to use the full capabilities of their technological devices at home.

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Laptop Library

The Eastside Technology Hub's laptop library will increase technological access for residents that do not have computers or similar devices in their homes. This library will provide a free outlet for residents to apply for jobs and take online classes to build their knowledge and skillsets. 

Workforce Development

Technology has become a core part of employment in our community. Our hub will increase resident's job preparedness by providing workforce development skills training that focuses on the following topics:

  • Job Search & Application

  • Resume Development

  • Microsoft Office