Partnership for Economic Independence

The PEI program made me feel good about myself again as I began to make plans for my future
— Nadine (Current Participant)


Join us for healthy meals, fellowship, resources and educational content! Childcare and transportation available upon request. 

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program purpose

Partnership for Economic Independence (PEI) is a workforce development program that's based on the Mobility Mentoring (TM) and Bridges to Self-Sufficiency (TM) theory of change.

PEI uses coaches and mentors to support residents living on Detroit's east side. Participants set short and long-term goals -- incrementally obtaining resources, skills and necessary changes to become financially independent. 

how it works

PEI focuses on offering social supports to address and eliminate barriers contributing to long-term poverty. Families and individuals (18+) connect with community resources and services that fit their needs and support them in moving towards financial independence.

The key to the program is our trained and caring mentors who work with participants on regular basis to support their progress in achieving preset goals. Throughout the program resources, training and social supports are also offered to help in this effort. 


Our program is committed to providing pro-social cohesion activities that maintain participant commitment and promote participant progress toward goals. To this end, we hold regular breakfast and dinner clubs where participants and mentors come together for fellowship, education, testimonials and the exchange of important resources.


To get involved in Partnership for Economic Independence, please contact Savana Brewer at (313) 264-1413 or Tiera Robinson at (313) 331-3713; OR submit the PEI REGISTRATION form on the far left.