For 30 years, we've driven positive transformations on the east side of Detroit.


The Eastside Community Network (formerly Warren/Conner Development Coalition) has been spearheading community development on Detroit's east side for over 30 years. 

We work with residents and partners to drive lasting, positive change in our neighborhoods and communities. This positive transformation is achieved through resident engagement, multi-sector collaborations, advocacy, leadership development, and innovative approaches to land development.

Our Mission

Eastside Community Network develops people, places and plans for sustainable neighborhood growth on Detroit's Eastside.

Our Vision

We envision the Eastside of Detroit as a community of choice where residents can live, work, play and thrive.


We practice a multifaceted approach to sustainable redevelopment.

ECN aims to achieve our mission and vision by developing programs and plans that drive us toward the following objectives:

neighborhood choice

A variety of safe neighborhoods that provide options for living: dense residential zones, spacious and large lots, and urban homestead areas offering alternative energy.

Repurposing Vacant land

Vacant land repurposed with nature-scapes, blue and green infrastructure, and job-creating investments.

Accessible Transportation

Improved transportation options that allow residents to move around easily - including walking/bike paths, busses, light rail, new roads, and complete streets.




Quality Education

Accessible, high quality schools that graduate young people who are truly prepared for college and post-secondary school life.

Diversity & Inclusion

Neighborhoods that are ethnically and culturally diverse and inclusive, promoting a strong sense of identity and ownership amongst residents.

Community Connectivity

Beautiful green thoroughfares connecting all neighborhoods, with strategic shopping centers, community-based organizations and village hubs.

Economic Opportunity

A strong local economy with diverse job and career opportunities for local residents of all ages and skill levels.

Healthy Families

Access to resources that promote healthy lifestyles for youth, families and visitors - including vibrant parks, greenway paths and a state of the art regional complex at Chandler Park.