Mack Market


Space Rental.
Pop-Up Shops.
Community Events.

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Mack Market is located in our beautifully renovated building at 14711 Mack Ave. The space serves as outlet for activities and commerce that positively impact our community and its residents. 

Workshops & Training

Mack Market provides the space to:

  • Enhance employee performance

  • Provide professional development

  • Increase the skills and capacities of your constituents

We also offer free Wi-Fi and state of the art technology for your training needs, with ample space for participants to learn in a comfortable safe environment.

Eastside Tech Hub

The Eastside Technology Hub was formed to increase digital access for people living on the Lower Eastside of Detroit. The hub provides residents with the knowledge and resources needed to use technology to connect with their community and develop solutions to community issues.

Cultural Events

Mack Market showcases the many talents in our community through cultural events hosted by our residents and supporters. This is the perfect space for people in hosting the following events/activities:

  • Art/Creative Works Galleries

  • Music Listening Events

  • Book Signings

  • Open Mic Nights

  • Fashion Shows

Retail Pop-Up Space

Mack Market is a great space for entrepreneurs seeking to connect with the community and test their product sales. Using Mack Market for your pop-ups has benefits such as:

  • Building brand awareness

  • Providing experimental retail opportunities

  • Building and securing customer loyalty

  • Testing the market with products and services

  • Connecting with foot traffic in the community

  • Lowering overhead and less commitment for product sales

Space Rental

Mack Market is the perfect space for residents and organizations seeking to host:

Community Meetings/Events
Baby Showers
Pop-up Retail Events
Photo/Painting/Gallery Showings

Space rentals at Mack Market include the following:

Chairs for 100+ guests
Free Wi-Fi
Free Parking



14711 Mack Ave
Detroit, MI


(313) 331-3427