LAND, Inc.

LAND, Inc. is a Michigan 501(c)(3) not-for-profit that acts a catalyst for high quality, innovative, sustainable, community-prioritzed development. They share ECN's vision of creating an Eastside of Detroit that is a Community of Choice.

The goal of LAND, Inc. is to foster public and private partnerships that facilitate economic development through commercial real estate projects. Overall, LAND, Inc's investments have led to the development of 160,000 square feet of high quality commercial and residential space on Detroit's Eastside, leveraging nearly $20,000,000 of public and private investment to create or retain 250 jobs, build 12 Head Start classrooms, provide commercial/retail space for locally-owned businesses, and partner with other local organizations and companies including:

  • Mack Alter LLC
  • Dominican Literacy Center
  • ClearCorps
  • the Villages CDC
  • Northeast Guidance Center
  • Genesis Hope CDC
  • Detroit Catholic Pastoral Alliance
  • Adult Well Being Services
  • MetroAg Services
  • 42nd Parallel Group
  • Detroit Future City Implementation Office
  • Southwest Housing Solutions

LAND, Inc's signature projects are Mack Alter Square Shopping Center and West Village Manor in the Villages community. To learn more about LAND, Inc. visit their website