Support Our Youth This Giving Tuesday!

For the past two years, we at Eastside Community Network have had the privilege of partnering with Southeastern High School through our teen center, the Vault. Through The Vault, the youth have served the community through service learning projects, community and neighborhood planning activities, and community meetings. Their summer employment experience also provided them with opportunities to connect with residents in their community.

Now it’s our turn to support their endeavors. Our youth are resilient, generous, witty, deep thinking world changers. They represent the top of their high school class and are involved in activities ranging from sports to drama to robotics. As they’ve entered their senior year, we are so happy to see them go through the many rites passages that senior year brings.

Unfortunately some of our seniors may not get to participate in these meaningful, memory creating moments with their class due to limited financial resources.

How Can I Help?

Eastside Community Network (ECN) started this Giving Tuesday campaign to help these deserving youth reap the full benefits and potential of their senior year in high school. Many of these talented young people have already overcome incredible obstacles to get where they are now - and our goal is to prevent them from feeling discouraged or missing out on this momentous occasion in their lives.

By providing a tax-deductible gift to ECN, you will help our youth pay for the following senior year activities and expenses:

  • Senior Dues

  • College Readiness and Application Consulting

  • Senior Prom Apparel and Prom Send-Off

  • Graduation Open House

Thank You

We really want to honor the hard work and diligence of our seniors by making sure this is a year filled with positive memories. We appreciate your generous support toward this goal!


**When making your donation, please put “Giving Tuesday” in the Is this an ECN Donation? box.