D4 Community Fund

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Purpose: The D4 Community Fund will provide district 4 organizations, neighborhood groups and other organizations with resources for community-driven projects that enhance and strengthen their own neighborhoods. All projects are initiated, planned and implemented by community members in partnership with the District Council Office and other community organizations. Every award is matched by neighborhoods or community resources of volunteer labor, donated materials, donated professional services, or cash.

Community building is core to project success: the process of bringing people together and building relationships is as important as project results.

Fund Structure: The D4 Community Fund will be powered by Eastside Community Network, a 501c3 non-profit organization. The fund will be governed by a 4-member funding panel, with all 4 members appointed by the Council member for the District. The members of the funding panel must be residents of District 4 or official representative of an organization that is located within the boundaries of District 4.

Fund Management: The D4 Community Fund will be managed by the Eastside Community Network (ECN). ECN will serve as the fiduciary and manager of the fund.

Fundraising: The D4 Community Fund will be funded through the D4 Business Pledge, donations and other grant and foundation awards.

Awarding of Funds: Block Clubs, community organizations and other groups that are registered with the city will be able to apply for funds at predetermined project levels. In addition, the Council member of the District will have a percentage of funds set aside for discretionary and district-wide activities and events.









D4 Business Community Pledge

Purpose: The purpose of the D4 Business Pledge is to engage and connect businesses that are located in the district with the communities they serve.  It is important that business owners see and understand the value of being a good corporate citizen and neighbor, by being a part of the community that makes their businesses successful.  By engaging business owners in the following areas, it will lead to a better community:

·       Property Cleanliness

·       Quality products and services

·       Loitering and Nuisance Control

·       Self-policing

·       Community Engagement and Resource Support

Property Cleanliness

In District 4, we are working diligently to clean-up and improve the image of our community.  In an effort to help with this process, we are looking for the business community to help by taking the lead and keeping their properties clean:

o   Maintain the physical structure and environments in a safe, clean, attractive and healthy manner pursuant to Chapter 9 of the Detroit City Code.

o   Sidewalk, alley and other public areas adjacent to any building are the responsibility of that building or business owner. Please clean up all trash and keep property clear of debris.

o   Install and maintain appropriate signage, lighting, security and other features to maximize the buildings appeal and utility.

o   Repair broken windows, touch-up paint and make other needed repairs in a timely manner

o   Cut grass and landscape property

o   Provide trash cans on property

o   Keep building clean and free of graffiti

o   Ensure that the interior of all business is kept clean, safe and any needed repaired are made in a timely manner.

Quality Products and Services

To improve relations and the confidence of residents in the district it is imperative that business owners reassure the community that they value their customers and that every effort is being made to provide the best products and services daily:

o   Remove outdated products from shelving and properly discard

o   Ensure that coolers and other displays are properly maintained and cleaned

o   Ensure that perishable items are properly packaged and dated

Loitering and Nuisance Control

As loitering and nuisance directly impact the success of a business, it is important that business owners help patrons feel safe and comfortable entering and leaving a business:

o   Don’t allow individuals to loiter inside or outside of the business, if you have people that will not leave, contact the police.

o   Change the culture of your business by changing the atmosphere of your business environment, adopt a “Zero Tolerance” policy.


As a responsible community partner, the District is counting on business leaders to enforce the laws of the city.  By participating in illegal activity within or on the premises of your business; does not send a good message to the community and actually contributes to the problem.  Therefore, we would like for business owners to do the following:

o   To make sure they are only selling items that are legal to sell

o   To make sure that items are only being sold in the packaging and quantities allow by law (i.e. no loose cigarettes).

o    To report all illegal activities taking place on the premises and adopt a ZERO Tolerance policy for illegal activities.

Community Engagement

As we work to improve the quality of life in District 4, it is important that businesses in the district help the community, by becoming engaged and active stakeholders.  The idea is to support the block clubs and other community efforts with min-grants and resources to empower organizations to do the work necessary to make our community better. We will be asking all businesses in the community to contribute $XXX.00 each year to help support activities in the district.  All funds will be managed through a non-profit create specifically for the district. Some of the activities are:

o   Summer jobs and activities for youth

o   Mini-grants for block clubs for community beautification

o   District-wide community events (Family Fun Day, holiday events, trainings, workshops, etc.)

o   Trainings and much more!

In addition, if your business can offer expertise or other resources; they too are sought out and greatly appreciated.




How it will work

All businesses in the district will get the opportunity to take the D4 Pledge, if they agree to the items listed above.  Each business that signs the pledge will receive a decal to place on the door/window of their business that lets members of the community know that this business supports the community.

We will work with the block clubs and community organizations to self-police the businesses to ensure that they are living up to the terms of the Pledge; in addition, we will encourage community members to only support those businesses that support activities in the district.

A business that is vested in the community in which it operates, creates a win-win opportunity for both the business and the community.