PEI Success Stories: Lanell

by Savana Brewer

Lanell joined the Partnership for Economic Independence (PEI) program just wanting a chance to enhance his livelihood. He expressed to his Mobility Coach that most community resources and programming services were usually reserved for single mothers, returning citizens, or young adults aged 16-24. Lanell did not match any of those categories. He would continually ask "are you sure I qualify for your program?" In his experience, most programs did not service young Black males in their mid-30s. It was a discussion that he held in truth - and rightfully so - based on his exposure to societal ideation of what constitutes being a "man." 

Reassured that he qualified as a PEI Member, he diligently worked on achieving his SMART goals to search for employment and rebuild his credit. Lanell's first action plan included updating his resume, continuing to apply for at least three jobs per week, and creating a Credit Karma account to learn his credit score. His timing of connecting with PEI came during a period in life when he feared what was about to happen and how he was going to survive without going in the wrong direction. "I am so glad I found this program. I was not in a good space and had just lost my job." 

I am so glad I found this program. I was not in a good space and had just lost my job.
— Lanell, PEI Member

Lanell has been a committed PEI member since February 2018 - staying after the meal club programming to assist with cleanup and attending his follow-up appointments. Last month, he submitted his updated resume to ECN for a newly created position with our organization. Since then, Lanell has been hired to join ECN's Green Team - and will begin work this month.

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