PEI Success Stories: Jay

by Savana Brewer

Partnership for Economic Independence (PEI) Member Jay was having breakfast at Capuchin Soup Kitchen when he received a notification stating that he'd been moved to the top of a waitlist for housing. At the time, he slept on his mother's couch as hard times brought him back to living in his family home. At his enrollment in the PEI program, the concern to live independently was priority. With basic literacy skills and needed assistance to complete the application, he enrolled during the program's recruitment phase without reservation. In that interaction he spoke about taking one priority at a time and wanted to begin his goals with obtaining a townhome to be able to live on his own. 

Although Jay lives with some mental health and cognitive challenges, they do not get in the way of his willingness to commit to do the work (as outlined in his Bridges to Self-Sufficiency SMART goals). From his intake assessment with us, Jay received resources regarding community housing programs. For example, learning of the United Community Housing Coalition's services - he arrived at the downtown location by bus at 6:30a, to ensure a walk-in appointment with one of the housing counselors. Very pleased with UCHC's assistance, Jay called his PEI "Mobility Coach" immediately afterwards with the good feeling that having his own housing again was possible. The inspiration in his voice and spirit could be detected immediately. "I just want to say thank you, you really are trying to help me!"

Jay is now working on a budget for household items and already knows what his next two SMART goals are: part-time employment and personal transportation.

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