Meet our Challenge Detroit Fellow : Sharde' Fleming

Sharde' is a Detroit Native. She graduated from Renaissance High School c/o '10. She went away to Washington DC to attend Howard University c/o  '13 and obtain a: B.A. History and B.A. Political Science. Education is very important thing to Sharde', she is currently pursing a Masters of Urban Planning at Wayne State University. By day she works miracles at ECN as the Green Growth Coordinator.

After college what brought you back to Detroit?

Family, most specifically my ailing grandmother brought me back to Detroit. But it was not a hard fight, I knew I wanted to work in community development and eventually become an urban planner so Detroit was ideal. Everywhere you turned Detroit was in the news for one thing or another and I knew I wanted to help frame that dialogue. I understood that Detroit was again a focal point of the world so I wanted to make sure, in some form or fashion I was able to have an impact on what the world would see.


What is Challenge Detroit?

Challenge Detroit is a leadership and professional development program that invites approximately 30 of tomorrow’s leaders to live, work, play, give, and lead in and around the greater Detroit area for one year. During the course of the year, Fellows contribute intellectually and through hands-on service making incremental impact in the community. Learning by doing is a cornerstone of the program and the Fellows have the courage, passion, and drive to make a difference.


What made you choose to stay with ECN during your fellowship?


When I decided to apply for Challenge Detroit I was excited about the opportunity but I had just really began my quest with ECN and it was too early too walk away. Though Challenge Detroit partners with dozens of companies none of them are unique as ECN so my decision to stay was not hard. I wanted to do urban planning while being hands on in the community and ECN offered both and more. 

Camille Johnson