ECN Community Spotlight: Craft Cafe Detroit

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Meet: Candice Meeks, 31, born and raised on the Eastside of Detroit on Balfour and Mack. she currently resides in East English Village. She attended  Peace Lutheran School for preschool and kindergarten, Bethany Lutheran from 1st to 8th, graduated from King High school in 2003, obtained her bachelors in Integrated Studies (Human Resources/ Business/ Communication) from Oakland University in 2008 and continued her education by getting a Masters of Science Administration in Human Resources from Central Michigan University in 2011. Currently she works in the mental health field as an Employment Specialist. 


Business Name: The Craft Cafe Detroit



Why did you choose to open your business on the Eastside of Detroit? 

I wanted to turn my passion into profit and bring a fun, interactive event venue to the neighborhood I grew up in, the lower Eastside of Detroit.


Would you mind sharing a story about ProsperUS since you are a recent graduate: 

I learned so many different marketing techniques, effective apps to use to help run my business smoothly, and met my current landlord by participating in the ProsperUS program.  


What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

NETWORK NETWORK NETWORK! You never know who you will meet that will help you in business. Take advantage of the entrepreneurship programs that are being offered around the city, be open to constructive criticism, get you a strong team (lawyer, insurance agent, accountant) and never stop learning.


Describe in five words what the Eastside of Detroit means to you:

"Innovative, Artistic place for entrepreneurs"

Camille Johnson